Why Join?

The Local's mission is to provide the benefits of safe working conditions, health coverage, and retirement to members.

As a memeber, you can participate in the government of the Local. You can run for office, vote in elections, and help form policy for the Local. Members can attend meetings, can speak on issues affecting the Local, and network with other members.

Members in good standing can call the job hotlines.

Members' children are eligible to apply for IATSE and Local 488 scholarships, as well as other labor-affiliated scholarships.





How  to Join IATSE Local 488

Thank you for your interest in joining Local 488!
In order to join you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have been a resident of the locals jurisdiction for at least 18 months immediately preceding the application, and submit proof, plus 2 of the following 3 requirements:
  • A current, verifiable resume of industry experience, by category and classification.
  • Copies of two (2) or more crew lists listing the applicant, deal memos, and/or paid invoices from different productions, with corresponding pay-stubs or similar proof of thirty (30) days employment within one calendar year in each craft category and classification listed on the application. These may be non-union or union productions.
  • Letters of reference from no less than three (3) prior employers, superiors, or peers, containing all of the follow information:

    Relationship to applicant

    Classification of applicant

    Length of employment

If you feel you meet the qualifications and are interested in joining, please email a list of your qualifications and contact information to the Membership Committee. We will notify you if further documentation is needed. membership@IATSE488.com

Membership committee meets once a month to review candidates. If you meet the qualifications, we will send you an application. The cost to join is $773 ($100 processing, $600 initiation $73 a quarter dues.)

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